New Twitter integration will push Bitcoin price above $ 300,000

By integrating direct bitcoin payments, Twitter is paving the way for a bitcoin price to exceed $ 300,000.

Jack Dorsey’s Social Media Platform Twitter officially enabled third-party Bitcoin failover services for iOS users, giving them the ability to seamlessly pay each other around the world, almost instantly.

As demonstrated by the Lightning Network Strike platform in a recent video, Twitter is today one of the most effective platforms in the world for transmitting value.

“Starting today, Twitter will allow all iOS users around the world to send advice through the Lightning Network,” Strike CEO Jack Mallers wrote in a statement. blog post. “Twitter’s integration with the Strike API makes Twitter one of the best money transfer experiences in the world, one of the largest global creator markets in the world, one of the best global payment experiences in the world. world, one of the best global micropayment marketplaces in the world, and allows an internet communication company to interact with the world’s monetary standard, enabling global payments for their users.

During a press call, Twitter also announced that the feature would be available to Android users soon.

As Mallers noted, it’s hard to overstate the potential of integrating Lightning Network with a popular internet communication tool. As evidenced by the ongoing Bitcoin supplanting of Western Union and Moneygram in El Salvador – which has already seen the unauthorized monetary network curtail the income streams of these third parties by about $ 400 million per year – the appetite for more efficient global digital payment systems is huge.

As users begin to trade value for minimal fees, almost instantly, across borders, uncensored through the Lightning Network on Twitter, how long will it take before more people realize that Is Bitcoin the Best Money Network for the Internet? How long will it take before other digital platforms embed this money directly into their tools, like Twitter has started to do? How long will it be before Bitcoin replaces the outdated systems that currently dominate remittances, influencer marketing, and possibly digital payments as a whole?

From a certain point of view, everything seems inevitable.

If Bitcoin’s market capitalization consisted only of the Global $ 700 billion remittance industry, the $ 13.8 billion influencer marketing industry and the $ 5.44 trillion global digital payments market (a combined estimated value of $ 6.1538 billion) via apps like Twitter’s tip service, every bitcoin in existence (18,824,860 at the time of this writing) would be worth approximately $ 326,897.

As Twitter users are now finding out, Bitcoin is a better tool than the dollar for all of these industries and more. It’s hard to say exactly what the price of bitcoin will be as its technology consumes virtually every form of value transaction that we know of today, but the number is sure to increase.

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