Month: May 2019

Want to Apply for a Car Loan?

What is a car loan? Car loans are included in Motor Vehicle Loans (KKB), which is one alternative financing for obtaining a new or used car or motorcycle with an installment system. The general agreement in the CLA concerns two parties, where the lender (the creditor) approves the loan to the recipient of the loan […]

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What Should You Know About Used Car Loans?

What information do you need to know, before making a used car loan? Now these things you need to know so you do not regret later. This Is What You Need To Know About Used Car Loans At present the car has become a necessity for the community, especially the people in big cities. So do not […]

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Case Examples of New Car Loan Calculations and Simulations

How do you calculate a new car loan plan? Of course, this is quite difficult to do if you don’t have an idea of ​​a new vehicle loan simulation. In order for you to get a real picture, this time we will discuss examples of calculations and simulations of new car loans. New Cars, Supporting […]

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